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Old Faerie Tales

Meet the Faery Folk of Tansyleaf Hall

With sweet humor and wonderful insight, this book explores the slowly changing world of the aging faeries.

Coping with aching wings that just won't work anymore, worry warts, and fears of the future, the aging Elder Faeries are losing their abilities, purpose, and place in the clan and are faced with dread at the approach of old age.

Where do old Faeries go? Does anyone know...?


1. Old Worry Wart...

Merta Mumbldee worries about everything, even if it may not happen.
The more she worries the more her Worry Wart grows!

2. Ignore Me If You Will...

Irisette Tendril is being ignored by the Young Ones
and Old Ones alike; and she withdraws into her own little world.


3. Complain... Complain... You're Such a Pain...

Mistress Lillymitt is bossy, over-bearing and claims to do everyone's
job better than they do.The others are fed up and tell her so.


4. A Mistake has Been Made...

Dazzling Dew Drops! A big mistake has been made and Bean Blossom
knows exactly who did it. What will happen to poor, old Sylfae?


5. The Killer Can't Be Trusted...

Drosen Dirndle is terrible at keeping potted plants alive;
and Mistress Belnap is more than worried when her own treasured collection is at stake.

6. A Message for You...

As if life isn't confusing enough,
a message is passed from one to the next and changes with each telling.


7. I'm Such a Butter-Brain...

Poppy Seedling-Smythe pretends that she is not
very smart so that the others will accept her.


8. It Must Be Somewhere Other...

Amby Avensby has lost her favorite, old dew-drop funnel.
Everyone has looked everywhere and the Troupe has turned Tansy Leaf Hall up-side down.


9. Steamy Pudding Pie...

The biggest snow storm ever is approaching Tansy Leaf Hall
and Crystal Bell Wells, and the clan work themselves into a frenzie preparing for it.


10. Yule!...

The Old-Ones have been dreading the coming Yule celebration
and the arrival of Dame Silverleaf. Where do old faeries go?


11. What Does Hector Brownboots Do?...

What exactly does Hector do besides nap, be lazy and evasive?

12. Drift Lightly On the Spring...

One is leaving with Dame Silverleaf. Who will it be?

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