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Calya Journey-Wise Books

Mystickal ~ Magickal

Read them all...!

Do you love fantasy fiction...?

Swords and Sorcery...? Wands and Wizards...

Magick, Mystery, and Mischief...?

Here you will find a collection of books from "How to" in the Metaphysical Arts to Epic Fantasy Fiction and even modern-day Magickal  Mysteries!


Calya Journey-Wise Trilogy

Winner: Gold Medal...

Women's Fiction Reader's Favorite 2012

Five Silver Star Reviews

Still writing... 

Calya Journey-Wise

Magickal Arts

The Calya Journey-Wise System workbook and Meditation CD

How to use a Magick Wand...!


Learn to use a pendulum...!


How to create Crystal Grids...

Learn the Ancient Art of Runes

New Book and a New Series!

With sweet humor and wonderful insight, this book explores the slowly changing world of the aging faeries.

Need to write...!

Some have Magick, some don't.

Some use their powers for good, some don't.

When harm is done, the Lock Keepers can give the offenders another chance or Magickally lock up the villain and throw the key into the abyss.

Which will it be this time?  

                                               Still writing...

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