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The Keeper of the Realms ~ Book 1     

Magick is real... and it is waiting just beyond the sealed gateway for someone to bring it back. When it is announced by the King of Calaith that his unsettled daughter, the aging Princess Calya, is the One Who is Found for the task, it sets into motion her journey-quest to find the truth concerning her magical heritage, mystical destiny and the real meaning of forever love. Calya is Ascending.

In eBook and paperback.     Watch the videos...



Follow the Crystal Path ~ Book 2

Whoever holds the Seed Crystals, holds the Magickal essence of the Realms.
Whoever possesses them controls their power and knows their secrets.
Calya has them. Csdrel wants them back. 

In eBook and paperback.                            Watch the videos...

On to Evermoore ~ Book 3

Heartache beyond measure... grief too much to bear... Where is love and Mercy in all of this chaos? 
As the Journey-Quest continues, Calya and Tolus are torn apart and thrown into different worlds.
Each must follow their own quest to the same end… kill the aDrohl or save them? But which is it?

In eBook and paperback.  Soon...


Trilogy Pitch - (spoiler)

The gods cast a Long Spell to torment Three Worlds for thousands of years for one purpose only - to raise up heroes able to break it; killing the gods frees everyone. But which path fulfills this test… to use the invincible weapon provided, bringing the gods to justice or is victory and Ascension won by Mercy? If they make the wrong choice, the torment will continue, but if the right path is chosen, it will change everything… for Evermoore!


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